Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Review | NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

The NARS Sheer Glow is a foundation i have wanted for a long time, and when i got it for my birthday a couple of weeks ago i was extremely excited. I had seen many youtubers and bloggers rave about this and am i joining in on the hype? Yes. 
Firstly, the packaging is really nice. It's sophisticated and very 'clean' looking. The only fault i have for it would be that there is no pump, however i hear its possible to invest in one so i may have to do that so i can control how much to put on. 
When applied with hands it gives a light to medium coverage, which is how i like to wear it when i'm having a good skin day. It just covers enough to blur those imperfections but you can still see your skin coming through. When applied with a reasonably dense fluffy brush it gives a medium coverage and when applied with a stippling brush it also gives a medium coverage. I like it applied with a stippling when i'm having a not so good skin day and it is easily buildable in places i'm looking for even extra coverage. I've also heard a beauty blender applies it nicely, i do not own one to see if this is true but i would really like to buy one. 
Because i have dry skin, thicker foundations normally make my skin look flakey, but i've found this leaves it quite glowy ( as expected from the name ) with only a few patches that still flake, but i just don't put as much of it on in those places. I've also found i only need to add on extra concealer under my eyes with this foundation as it covers my blemishes with no problem.

Buy the foundation- here or here
Price- £31
My shade- Deauville

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How I Style: Oversized Tee's

Look No.1
Look No.1
Necklace: New Look
Top: Asos
Leggings: Internacional
Look No.2
Look No.2
Necklace: Newlook
Top: Asos
Cardigan: Primark

 Look No.2
Shoes: Deichman
Baggy/oversized tee's, i find, are one of the hardest items of clothing to make wearable. They are one of those things that look incredible on the model but when you come to trying to make it work on your self, it becomes a struggle. Last week I thought i would just bite the bullet and order this plain white one from asos (size 2, and its still this huge!) as i wanted to challenge my self and share with you how i ended up styling it. 
 The first look is for when the weathers a bit more chilli and is quite casual, however you could still dress it up or down deepening on the shoes and jacket you wear with it. I chose to tie the tee into a baggy, messy crop top and pair it with some black disco pants. I'm actually really loving this look and have worn it quite a bit since discovering it. 
 I think any outfit including an oversized tee, needs a statement necklace. For both my looks i chose a statement necklace as i feel it really ties the look together and makes it look more like an outfit, rather than some baggy pjs! 
 The second look is for a more dressed up, day time look in summer. I chose to go all out and where the top as a dress, which at first i was a bit spectacle about but once i paired it with the statement necklace, an oversized cardigan and some small heeled boots, the outfit suddenly became whole and i surprisingly love it. 
Have you tried making the baggy tee trend work? Let me know in the comments, i'd love to know how you style it! Also, sorry the photo quality isn't great, the lighting was awful the day i took these photos. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Alex Box Inspired

       This is my first post on this blog and i would quickly like to say, welcome. I will hopefully be posting on here on sundays, tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays however things might change as i get use to blogging.
 For my first blog i thought i would show you a project i did for art, which was experimenting with face paints, using Alex Box as my inspiration. I think Box's work is incredible and truly proves how makeup can be such a beautiful form of art. I chose to copy one of her darker pieces as i thought it would be fun to play with heavy contouring and have such a big contrast in colours on my palette. The person i worked on was my friend Becca, who has a blog ' Bxbeccaa ' so please check her out if you would like too. The first picture is Box's piece and the following three are my interpretations.
          Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy what this blog has to come.