Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Real Techniques Brushes

 I have been a huge fan of real technique brushes ever since i brought my first set of their eye shadow brushes nearly 2 years ago. The brand 'Real Techniques' is an amazing line by Sam and Nic Chapman, also known as 'pixiwoo' on youtube. I have loved their youtube channel for a long time and thats what inspired me to try out their brushes. 
One of the sets i own is their 'Starter Set' which includes a base shadow brush ( great for travelling if you need an all round eye brush ) a deluxe crease brush ( quite dense, good for packing on colour ) an accent brush ( good for smudging eyeliner or even for lipstick application ) a fine liner brush ( fab for applying gel eyeliner or again lipstick ) and a brow brush ( quite thick which is great for quick and easy eyebrow filling! ) 
I also own their 'Core Collection' set which includes a detailer brush ( good to use with concealer to clean up any small mistakes ) a pointed foundation brush ( i like to use this with concealer again as I've found it pats it in really nicely ) a buffing brush ( gives a full, even coverage of any type of foundation ) and a contour brush ( fits really nicely under the cheek bones to contour and i also like setting my under eye area with this brush.)
Both of these sets come with a brush case which also acts as a brush stand and is really good for travelling or even if your just going to your friends for a sleepover. And they both cost £21.99 which i think is amazing for the quality and quantity of the brushes you get. They are all so soft and do not loose this softness when i wash them. 
The last brush i own is their Stippling brush which cost £11.99. I also love this brush for a natural finish with my foundation. It also pairs really well with the buffing brush to give a medium coverage. It is slightly pricier in my opinion but I'm sure you can search on ebay or websites like ebay to find any cheaper options.
In the future i really want to invest in some more of these brushes, and i highly recommend them to you, especially if you are just starting off with makeup and are looking for good quality brushes that aren't too expensive. They are widely available on the Real Techniques website, you can find them in boots in the uk and i think they are available in target in america (sorry if I'm wrong about that!) 
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