Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Sky!

If you live in the UK, you would have noticed the beautiful and interesting summer skies we have been getting recently. I have been amazed by them these past couple of weeks and thought i would photograph some of my favourites.
 The first two are of the clouds as i thought they looked incredible that day, i just stood and watched them float above me for ages. The second two are of a red/orange sky we had last week, which was the strangest thing as when i stepped outside everything looked red, like some apocalyptic world. And finally the last picture is from one of the lightening storms we have been having recently. I was so proud to get this picture however it isn't great quality as it was taken on my phone. 
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Monday, 21 July 2014

Liebster Award

The Liebster award is a small award that builds your blogging community and gives recognition to small blogs that you love. I would like to thank Molly Louise Blogs for nominating me, you should definitely check out her blog!

1. Post 11 facts about your self
 2. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
3. Create 11 questions of your own for the next group of nominees 
4. Nominate 11 people of your choice for the award and link them in your post
5. Let your nominees know they have been tagged // no tag backs!
6. You must nominate blogs with under 200 followers

 11 Facts about me!
1. I have one dog, two cats and two horses (but the horses are more my mums)
2. I am half Scottish, quarter Italian and an eighth Irish
3. When i leave school i want to travel Australia and possibly America 
4. I once met Niall from One Direction but didn't get a photo as i was too shocked for words (embarrassing, i know)
5. Some of my favourite foods are mash potato, popcorn and pasta
6. From the age of 5-11 i moved house 5 times
7. My hair is naturally curly and super frizzy ://
8. When i was in year 8, i fell head first off a bench and knocked my front tooth out                                                                                                 9. Two of my biggest passions are acting and art / photography
10. My real name is Eleanor but i didn't like it and chose to be Ellie in year one                                                                                                              11. Summer is my favourite season but i love the vibe around christmas time :)

Molly Louise's Questions
1. Favourite Movie? 
- I'm not a huge movie watcher but i love ' The Hunger Games ' and ' Mean Girls '
2. What are your guilty pleasures?
- Snacking, buying unnecessary makeup and watching glee :p
3. Worst Habit?
- Squeezing spots and biting my nails
4. What is your most prized possession?
- My photo albums, my laptop and a head band my grandad gave me just before he died when i was three
5. What is your most embarrassing moment?
- Not going to lie, I create awkward and embarrassing moments for my self everyday but one of them was when i was younger and walking down a road in London holding my mums hand, i let go of it for two seconds then held back onto to it to then realise it was a random woman who was as confused as to why i was clinging onto her hand as i was
6. Favourite takeaway meal?
- I love Thai and Chinese
7. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
- three more wishes (mwhaha) , to be secure i live a happy future and to not care what people think of me so much
8. Any strange talents?
- I can touch my nose with my tongue, go cross-eyed and wiggle my ears;all at the same time                    9. Whats one word you would use to describe your self?
- Suave
10. What is your favourite childhood television programme?
- That So Raven, Lizzie Mcguire, H20 Just Add Water, the list could go on and on!
11. You are hungry and you go to the fridge, what do you pick up to munch on?
- Yoghurt, and we normally have some sort of home made cake so i would munch on that a lot

My Questions 
1. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?
2. Name something you strongly believe in (it can be about anything!)
3. If you could only have 3 makeup products for the rest of your life, what would they be?
4. What is your biggest fear?
5. What are/were your favourite subjects at school?
6. Why did you start blogging?
7. If you could pick one genre to be a teenager in, what would it be? (e.g the 90's, the 60's)
8. Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram?
9. What is your favourite season and why?
10. Are you a morning on night person?
11. What is the funniest memory you have shared with your friends?

I nominate…

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ombré Blue Eyeliner | Inspired by Shaanxo

As i mentioned in my last post, I recently ordered some blue eyeliners in many different shades. The reason to this was that i wanted to re-create an ombré blue eyeliner look shaanxo did on youtube. So i had a go and i absolutely love it! It was really simple once i got the hang of it and i think is perfectly wearable for a nice summers day or even a festival if your not into wearing a lot of makeup for an every day look. 
The eyeliners i used are all linked in my previous blog post, they are all from fragrance direct apart form one which is a rimmel white eyeliner from superdrug.
Some tips i have if you're thinking of re-creating this look are:
- Put some tape from the outer edge of your eye towards the edge of your eyebrow. This will make it much easier for you to create a crisp wing line and it should help both sides to become even
- Blend! This look is all about a subtle change in colours from white to dark blue, if the transition between each colour is not smooth then the look won't come out as affective. I found drawing over the lighter colour a little with the darker colour made a medium between them so the sudden change isn't so obvious. 
I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you would like me to recreate any makeup looks or outfits please tell me in the comments!
Watch Shaanxo's video here.  

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Make Up Haul | 1

 Recently I watched a video on youtube by 'shaanxo' who created an amazing blue ombre eyeliner look. This inspired me to have a go at it my self, however there were 2 problems. One being I don't own any blue eyeliner, and two, it is hard to find 4 different shades of blue eyeliner in your average high street store. So to resolve these problems, my friend introduced me to an amazingly cheap website which has all kinds of things on it. 
This website is called I know what you may think, "thats just a perfume store surly?" which is what i thought two, however it has a reasonably wide range of all kinds of beauty products, and the majority of them are discounted at all different prices! 
Finally, to get on with my haul, here is a list of all the products i purchased:

  • Astor Perfect Stay 24 Hour Eye Pencil (Deep Purple)
  • Astor Perfect Stay 24 Hour Eye Pencil (Intense Blue)
  • Essie Nail Polish (All Tied Up)
  • Manhattan Pastell Pretties Eye Pencil (Heart of Grass)
  • NYC Automatic Lipliner Pencil (Naughty Nude)
  • NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner (Starry Blue Sky)
  • Prestige Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sweep Brush
  • Prestige Cosmetics Powder Brush
  • Technic Highlighter & Blemish Correcter (Natural) 
Hope you enjoyed todays blog post and don't forget to checkout :)
Q: What's your favourite way to add a pop of colour to a makeup look?
 This blog post was not sponsored by anyone, all opinions are my own.  

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer/Festival Accessories

Summer is here and were in the middle of festival season! So i wanted to share with you some of my favourite accessories, perfect for summer festivals.

1. A bag! I got the bag I'm showing in the last picture from new look the other day and i am in love with it! I think its so cute and perfect for summer as it goes with loads of outfits and back packs are so much easier to carry rather than clutch bags ect. I also love this because i get quite bad back pain, and back packs distribute the weight better on my back. You can buy this bag here. 

2. Sunglasses. I have a really small head, so i find it really hard to find sunglasses that fit my head well. However i recently found these from topshop and i thought they were so cute and are perfect for summer festivals. You can buy them from topshop here.

3. A Statement Necklace. Necklaces add so much to an outfit, i suggest them more for the evening but even a simple one can work with a day time outfit too. This one is one of my favourites and it is from new look. I'm not completely sure if its still available but you can search here.

4. A Floral Hair Accessory. Flower crowns are a festival favourite and remind me so much of summer. They look so nice especially on boho waves but they work with any hair style. My mum got me this one from glastonbury as she went last week, however they are widely available in most shops at the moment. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you have any ideas for future posts please comment below!