Sunday, 13 July 2014

Make Up Haul | 1

 Recently I watched a video on youtube by 'shaanxo' who created an amazing blue ombre eyeliner look. This inspired me to have a go at it my self, however there were 2 problems. One being I don't own any blue eyeliner, and two, it is hard to find 4 different shades of blue eyeliner in your average high street store. So to resolve these problems, my friend introduced me to an amazingly cheap website which has all kinds of things on it. 
This website is called I know what you may think, "thats just a perfume store surly?" which is what i thought two, however it has a reasonably wide range of all kinds of beauty products, and the majority of them are discounted at all different prices! 
Finally, to get on with my haul, here is a list of all the products i purchased:

  • Astor Perfect Stay 24 Hour Eye Pencil (Deep Purple)
  • Astor Perfect Stay 24 Hour Eye Pencil (Intense Blue)
  • Essie Nail Polish (All Tied Up)
  • Manhattan Pastell Pretties Eye Pencil (Heart of Grass)
  • NYC Automatic Lipliner Pencil (Naughty Nude)
  • NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner (Starry Blue Sky)
  • Prestige Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sweep Brush
  • Prestige Cosmetics Powder Brush
  • Technic Highlighter & Blemish Correcter (Natural) 
Hope you enjoyed todays blog post and don't forget to checkout :)
Q: What's your favourite way to add a pop of colour to a makeup look?
 This blog post was not sponsored by anyone, all opinions are my own.  


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